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The team at Active Drains Solutions has invested in top grade equipment which allows them to clear any drain as efficiently and effectively as possible.


Using a CCTV camera to locate the blockage, a high pressure jetter to flush it away and pipe locating equipment, ensures you will get the best job possible.


Closed Circuit Telvision Camera (CCTV)

This allows Darren to find and see the problem. A tube with a tiny camera is inserted into the pipe to help locate the source of the blockage which, in most cases is caused by a build up of debris and sludge. Tree roots or small toys can also cause problems and the CCTV will show Darren exactly what he's dealing with so he can choose the next course of action. The information is recorded on a CD card which he can then show the customer. It also enables him to provide an accurate quote. This can be especially important in strata blocks as it enables all the residents to see what work is needed and why.


High Pressure Water Jetter

Darren has a top quality jetter that is one of the most powerful on the market. Using 31 litres of water a minute, it blasts the debris away leaving an ultra clean pipe. The smaller, more common jetters are less powerful and may leave behind some debris, in which case you'll be faced with the same problem in the not too distant future. Darren has the jetter fixed to his ute and has long hoses to allow him access to the more difficult to reach areas. It can also handle pipes up to 300ml in diameter which means it's effective for clearing storm water drains and plumbing at unit blocks and larger complexes like schools and nursing homes.

Pipe Locator

Using the latest technology Darren is able to pinpoint utilities from above the ground. The technology uses radio waves and signals to find pipes, allowing Darren to dig down at a precise location to access and deal with the pipe in question.


While Active Drains specialises in clearing pipe blockages, Darren also provides the entire range of plumbing services from new homes and renovations to light commercial work.


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